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A question
creado por joepublic, 14:40, 25 Enero 2019
Database entry gives a confident "yes" works with free software, but the notes explain why it does not work with free software (requires non-free firmware!). Since this device does not work with free software (I have one here and confirm that linux-libre kernel 4.4 says "missing free firmware" and will not recognize the device) it should probably say "no" for that field.
Re: A question
creado por greenman, 17:46, 2 Febrero 2019
Thanks, agree, have changed the field value.
Re: A question
creado por mangeurdenuage, 18:05, 4 Febrero 2019
Thank you joepublic for noticing this error. Thank you greenman for the edit. Sorry for the mistake.

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