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Meu nome verdadeiro:
Matti Lammi
Sou de:
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Trisquel GNU/Linux
Projetos de software livre que eu colaboro:
Minha descrição:
I am a Finnish Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. I graduated in 2013.

I wrote my final thesis about h-node. It can be viewed and downloaded here in English:


This is a re-written and re-licensed version of the original. It is licensed under CC BY­-SA 4.0, so please feel free to copy and share it. The original version of my thesis can be found here:


It is licensed under CC BY-ND 3.0. Please, feel free to copy and share it.

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h-node.org is a hardware database project. It runs the h-source PHP software, commit cdeda15, available under the GNU General Public (GPLv3) License.
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