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Interested in helping people find FOSH (FOS-friendly Hardware).

From the look of things, I've found an ok hardware, good for Wifi connectivity but seems surpringly bad on the GPU side. The other two laptops have bad Wifi systems that are not FOSH, one having outstanding GPU support, the other might not work at all. It seems as though its totally normal to have these problems.

I don't know how I'm going to deal with this, not a hardware-oriented person. I try to wrap my head around sites like libreboot.at in abject horror. I'll likely just sit on these computers, wait for them to be FOSH; a total waste but everyone I know is A LOT more wasteful than me so I'm not too concerned about a bit of hoarding. Retaining things is a part of reuse and recycling anyway and it totally ethical in my view.

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