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How to test 3d acceleration
submitted by bjeff, 16:21, 10 Abril 2015
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Can 3d support be tested by issuing the command "glxinfo" and reading the output, as explained on this link? http://askubuntu.com/questions/31488/how-to-test-if-my-video-card-has-3d-support If anyone can confirm this information, I suggest adding it to the "Test your hardware > Videocards"-page. This way it would be possible to test 3d support with no additional software.
Additional related question: The test page states that to test 3d acceleration, one should activate compiz. Is there more to it? A smooth desktop cube animation?
submitted by bjeff, 13:16, 13 Abril 2015
I would rather look in the Xorg log too see if its working or not. You can also see if its working or not in dmesg.
submitted by Henpei, 15:29, 17 Novembro 2015
I tried some test I didn't understood how compiz worked so I installed the 0AD game who needs 3d acceleration from a graphique card to render the game in my case the cpu was rendering and not my hd7770 GC who is a nice GC and I tested to see how fluid the game is supposed to be with a: https://h-node.org/videocards/view/fr/335/NVIDIA-Corporation-GT218--GeForce-210---rev-a2- And the game is fluid like hell so a cpu can render 3d but it will give low very low framerate. The cpu was a Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz × 4
submitted by mangeurdenuage, 10:48, 16 Dezembro 2015
Also, Henpei, where do you look in the dmesg to see if the 3d acceleration is supported ?
submitted by mangeurdenuage, 10:50, 16 Dezembro 2015
With either dmesg | grep GPU or dmesg | grep radeon (depending on your driver) you can see if its not working.
[    0.813691] [drm] radeon: irq initialized.
[    0.813739] [drm:evergreen_startup [radeon]] *ERROR* radeon: IH init failed (-22).
[    0.813777] radeon 0000:01:00.0: disabling GPU acceleration
If its loading in everything as it should you should instead see that GPU acceleration is enabled.
submitted by Henpei, 07:15, 23 Dezembro 2015

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