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Please add "GPS receivers" as a distinct hardware category
submitted by rsandu, 08:13, 20 Janeiro 2013
TÓPICO: new categories of hardware
STATUS: opened
Hello, please add "GPS receivers" as a distinct hardware category. Commercial GPS receivers frequently go connected to the PC via an USB or serial cable. Special programs (such as gpsbabel, nutrak or the GPS module in kismet) are meant to collect data from them (position, gpx files, etc.). In order to do this, each GPS receiver must be supported (at first, it must be identified correctly by the kernel). Some GPSes are "seen" just as mass-storage units (if no data can be collected via the PC link, through an open protocol).
Please add "GPS receivers" as a distinct hardware category. paste.lisp.org/+2W0G.
Hi there, I disagree, I don't thnk this is an issue for h-node.org Warmest regArds.
submitted by trisqueldotim, 10:46, 21 Janeiro 2013
Hi trisqueldotim, could you please explain why do you think it is not an h-node issue? Thanks
submitted by tonicucoz, 09:03, 22 Janeiro 2013
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