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Is a section for Solid State Drives needed?
submitted by yeehi, 10:47, 14 Janeiro 2013
TÓPICO: new categories of hardware
STATUS: opened
Many SSDs have needed firmware updates, to prevent them from failing. Some SSD manufacturers do not make these updates available via free software. For example, the Samsung 840 Pro SSD has an update that runs only on windows, though there is also available from Samsung a bootable iso image that can flash the SSD. OCZ provide a file that runs on GNU/Linux. Perhaps an additional section for SSDs would be helpful.

perhaps we could write somewhere (for example above the description textarea, as we have done for 3G cards) to specify if the device requires to use a non free os to update the firmware.

Otherwise we could add a new field, for example something similar to "can the firmware update be made using free software?"

submitted by tonicucoz, 09:39, 15 Janeiro 2013
I think we can use the same method as with 3G cards. It would be simplier to implement since it is practically done before and it would maintain page style continuety.
submitted by lammi87, 03:48, 17 Janeiro 2013
I agree with lammi87
submitted by tonicucoz, 09:04, 22 Janeiro 2013

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