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where are the motherboards?
submitted by AdamMil, 05:52, 16 Abril 2012
TÓPICO: new categories of hardware
STATUS: opened
The motherboard (aka mainboard) is the most important piece of hardware in the system, as far as the need for compatibility is concerned, but the hardware page does not list any motherboards. Why this glaring omission?

Perhaps you would respond that you are relying on coreboot.org to provide that information, but I don't think it's a good idea. For one thing, their goal is different from yours. Your site aims to "identify what devices work with a fully free operating system", whereas coreboot.org aims to identify which devices work with the coreboot free BIOS, which is not a part of the operating system.

In short, I think you really need a motherboard section!


I don't really know what coreboot.org is. Apart from this, we have always added the categories of devices requested by users. So we could also add the motherboard section.

Anyway, I think we should discuss about the entries of such a section, I think there could be different levels of compatibility. I don't think we can simply ask people to choose between "works" and "does not work". What do you think?

I think this could be a good starting point to discuss about this issue

Your site aims to..

Perhaps you should say: "the h-node project, that is a FSF activity, aims to..". We (the members of the community) have always taken decisions together.

submitted by tonicucoz, 12:43, 16 Abril 2012

Hi, this is lammi87.

I think adding a motherboard category would be a great idea. If h-node.org's purpose is to evolve to a proper and broad free software compatible hardware database, then motheroards are a must have for the site.

I don't know too much about the technical side of the motherboards, like how many different compatibility levels there can be other than just "works" or "doesn't work", but there must be a lot of people out there who do. So, please add the motherboards as a category when you are ready.

I don't really know what coreboot.org is.

What I undertand about the site is that it is a wiki like site for the free software BIOS called coreboot used by its developers and users. They have a list of motherboards that support coreboot. Should we merge that list in some form to h-node.org's database like we did with the FSF's hardware list?

submitted by lammi87, 18:44, 19 Junho 2012

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