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https links not working?
submitted by sudoman, 15:43, 29 agosto 2011
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It looks like https:// links don't work with the markup language used in the message boxes here on h-node. Example:

broken link

working non-https link


ok it should now correctly detect also https URLs.

Anyway this is the regular expression used to detect URL, it should be improved (there are other URLs that are not recognized here and there)


We should also add all the top level domains

submitted by tonicucoz, 01:36, 30 agosto 2011
I've found two new cases where the url detection is missing. The two at the bottom seems to have the same issue.
submitted by Ark74, 14:40, 17 dicembre 2011
ok thanks I will try to solve them as soon as possible
submitted by tonicucoz, 06:00, 22 dicembre 2011
On h-node/ issues ??
Not sure, but seems to be OK atmo. http://www.h-node.com/meet/messages/en/trisqueldotim/1 .......chcking.
submitted by trisqueldotim, 06:45, 23 gennaio 2012

Trisquel.info links are disabled.

submitted by Ark74, 21:06, 24 marzo 2012
Ok solved, I've put an error during the last modification to the regular expression used to recognize URLs
submitted by tonicucoz, 02:15, 25 marzo 2012
Thanks, working ok! ;)
submitted by Ark74, 13:10, 26 marzo 2012

about the following URL:


I would prefer not to accept URLs that have a new HTTP request inside them

submitted by tonicucoz, 09:13, 5 aprile 2012
I have found some url that are not recognized by the mark up language.
  1. [a]https://launchpad.net/~dns/+archive/misc[/a]
  2. [a]https://launchpad.net/~dns/+archive/misc/+packages?field.name_filter=h-client&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=|h-client ppa[/a]
But manage to make it work with a url generator (http://www.ur1.ca/), maybe not an elegant solution but it works :P
  1. http://www.ur1.ca/e6qn8
  2. h-client ppa
submitted by Ark74, 20:02, 4 giugno 2013

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