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Add webcams
submitted by AndrewT, 22:58, 24 gennaio 2011
ARGOMENTO: new categories of hardware
STATO: closed
PRIORITÀ: medium
You should add webcams as a category of hardware. Many webcams do not work in a fully-free system, or do not work fully.

ok, we should decide the entries. Perhaps the one already used for wifi cards should be ok.

  1. vendor
  2. model name
  3. vendorid:productid code
  4. year of commercialization
  5. interface
  6. distribution
  7. does it work?
  8. kernel libre version
  9. description

Other useful informations could be inserted inside the description entry. Comments or suggestions are welcome :)

submitted by tonicucoz, 05:28, 25 gennaio 2011
That sounds about right.
submitted by AndrewT, 18:44, 25 gennaio 2011
I couldn't find out this information. How can we find it?
submitted by lembas, 05:47, 26 gennaio 2011
I can't find the name of my webcam either, sometimes it does not appear in the output of the lspci command
submitted by tonicucoz, 17:09, 26 gennaio 2011
I also have this problem. Strange.
submitted by AndrewT, 22:34, 26 gennaio 2011
I think that this 2 sites could be useful on this matter: Something like that would be great but should work with free software.
submitted by Ark74, 00:33, 30 gennaio 2011
Ok webcams have been added to the database ;)
submitted by tonicucoz, 17:37, 5 febbraio 2011

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