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Add ARM card subsection in hardware
submitted by mangeurdenuage, 11:07, 8 settembre 2016
ARGOMENTO: new categories of hardware
STATO: opened
PRIORITÀ: medium
It would be nice if we could reference arm cards like the eoma68, olinuxino, odroid, rasberry pi and show what is non-free and free. No ? Thing that come in mind are the: -bootloader -cpu -Firmwares -kernel -Os compatible, any suggestion ?
That is a good idea. However I wonder how this should be integrated. Maybe Laptops should be made more generic and be renamed in "Mainboards and computers (notebooks, desktops, Single Board Computers, etc)"
submitted by GNUtoo, 20:59, 25 giugno 2020
The rationale behind that is that the category would be broad enough not to end up in users having to understand what "that thing" is: I'm not able to distinguish between a Single Board Computer and some x86 computers that are made in the same way. And if someone wants to add a Camera, an e-reader, or a smartphone that runs Parabola ARM, it could be added too. Any device with strange formfactor could then be added as long as the supported distributions run inside it. The caveat is that only devices with free bootloaders are really supported (we try to make sure they keep working) by Parabola, but other may work as well. And all that is already taken care of by the Notebooks section. So until that gets modified, or that someone sends a patch for the website if that's possible, we could probably abuse the Notebook section for other computers. And having a formfactor could be added too but it's not clear if there is a clear way to define boundaries that always work. For instance is the Novena a desktop, a laptop or a single board computer? It's probably all 3 depending on how users configure it.
submitted by GNUtoo, 21:10, 25 giugno 2020

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