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New filters
submitted by lammi87, 16:50, 11 marzo 2013
STATO: opened
Would it be useful to have filters like year after and year before in the hardware list page (link)? Users could then search hardware which is commercialized before or after a certain year. This would come in handy with PCs, at least. Now we can only list hardware by one specific year and we have to change the filter every time we want to change the year.
If we don't want to add to many filters we could use the current filter for years and change it from "year" to "year after", because the user is probably looking for a hardware that is newer than...
submitted by tonicucoz, 13:43, 12 marzo 2013
True. "Year after" sound good. Do you think the devices should then be listen in a chronological order starting from the most recent one defined by the filter or in random order? I'd prefer the chronological order. If I want to find a new computer (0-2 years old), I'd want to view the most resent ones first.
submitted by lammi87, 17:22, 12 marzo 2013
I agree, chronological order is ok
submitted by tonicucoz, 16:53, 14 marzo 2013

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