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Wiki formating policy
submitted by lammi87, 04:09, 23 luglio 2012
STATO: opened
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Hi, this is lammi87.

I resently modified our wiki tutorial page to include indentations after each header. I found the page more easier to read that way than Discover your hardware page for example. Do we have a policy on how to use indentations in the wiki? I could write one if needed.

Should some other pages in the wiki be formated the same way? Maybe long instructional pages with complicated text like Discover your hardware but not simple pages like the Help page? What do you think?


Ok this is a good idea.. anyway, I think I should add a specific tag (for indentation), even if using [list] works. So please wait until I've added that tag, and thanks for your work!

Could it be ok the following tag?
[tab]this text will be indented[/tab]
submitted by tonicucoz, 15:34, 23 luglio 2012
Ok. I'll wait. That tag sounds nice. Can you estimate when the next version of h-node will be published?
submitted by lammi87, 13:10, 24 luglio 2012
Sorry for the delay.. I hope I will be able to upload a new version during August
submitted by tonicucoz, 16:30, 30 luglio 2012
This always give the wonderful performance of the play of the audio with the device audiodg.exe. This has some limitations but don't worry about it this new version break most of the barrier which you have feel the windows 10 no bluetooth settings.
submitted by ankie147, 02:13, 22 agosto 2018
It's fine to update a review with new/correct information. You can leave the original comments there, and add yours after. google street view
submitted by christinaclark, 04:23, 20 settembre 2018
submitted by maitrishah1, 12:16, 15 ottobre 2018

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