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two periods in some software messages
submitted by amire80, 02:10, 20 giugno 2012
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Some software interface messages here end in two periods. In English sentences usually end in one period or in three periods (ellipsis).

Two examples:

  • Go to Hardware / Notebooks, netbooks, tablet PC. Select 2012 in Year and A-platinum in compatibility. Result: "No notebooks found.."
  • Open h-node.org in two browser tabs. Log in in one of them. Log in in the other result. Result: "You are already logged, USERNAME.."

Hi amire80, sorry for my bad English ;) I'm not English-speaking and so I try to do the best I can :)

Could you please suggest how you would modify those sentences?


submitted by tonicucoz, 08:23, 20 giugno 2012

I think he wants to point out that those messages (and some others possibly somewhere in this site) end with two periods rather than one. A sentence can be ended with either one or three periods, not two. So the correct format would be

  • No notebooks found.
  • You are already logged, USERNAME.
  • submitted by lammi87, 21:01, 22 giugno 2012
    ok thanks I've understood :)
    submitted by tonicucoz, 02:09, 28 giugno 2012
    done in SVN
    submitted by tonicucoz, 01:13, 2 luglio 2012

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