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Bare Metall Switches
submitted by geraldo, 14:40, 3 Mai 2020
SUJET: new categories of hardware
STATUS: opened
PRIORITE: medium
Hi! Should we add bare-metall switches from https://bm-switch.com/ dell or https://www.edge-core.com/ to the list? A re the free enough? Best regards, Gerald
Hi, I don't how how to distinguish a 'bare-metal switch' from a WiFi access point running LibreCMC. In many cases, both have a switch inside. However both are computers that can potentially run fully free distributions. So in my opinion (note that I'm just an h-node user, not developer), the way to go forward would be to add them to the notebooks section, but as usual, only if they run an FSDG distribution or debian without any nonfree. LibreCMC support some computers with a switch, and some x86 computers also have a switch inside and/or multiple network cards. When the switch drivers are done correctly and are in upstream Linux with the right kernel interface (I don't remember if it's switchev or DSA) then it's seen like multiple network cards anyway. If not, you need a userspace utility that has the logic inside, like on the WNDR3800 that is supported by LibreCMC. I've explaned some of the rationale behind using 'computer' in this bug report: https://h-node.org/issues/view/en/297/1/token
submitted by GNUtoo, 11:33, 26 Juin 2020

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