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Don't log people out so much
submitted by coriordan, 18:19, 1 Octobre 2013
SUJET: other
STATUS: closed
I've been using this site for about three hours and I think I've had to log in about five times. Is there a really short session time-out maybe? If it's for security reasons, it's excessive. A 24-hour limit would be better.
Hi, thanks! I've changed the session time from 1 to 24 hours!
submitted by tonicucoz, 18:49, 14 Mai 2014
Sometimes we have to get the way for windows working problem online so access in the svchost.exe netsvcs high memory usage that the provide you forever service of scan and correct the online leak problem easily so thanks for the update
submitted by eddie007, 03:49, 31 Août 2018
I can help you to know what is going on here with examples and it will be great. It will help all of us to know what is going on with the people back there.
submitted by Marty, 15:52, 3 Octobre 2018
submitted by maitrishah1, 12:14, 15 Octobre 2018

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