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Please add category for "Hardware RAID controllers"
submitted by rsandu, 16:49, 18 Septembre 2012
SUJET: new categories of hardware
STATUS: closed
Hello, Please add category for "Hardware RAID controllers", such as Adaptec PCI boards. I have this interesting hardware and I cannot add it to the database:
[root@newton ~]# lspci -nnk
03:01.0 PCI bridge [0604]: Adaptec (formerly DPT) PCI Bridge [1044:a500] (rev 02)
03:01.1 I2O [0e00]: Adaptec (formerly DPT) SmartRAID V Controller [1044:a501] (rev 02)
	Subsystem: Adaptec (formerly DPT) 2400A UDMA Four Channel [1044:c05a]
	Kernel driver in use: PCI_I2O
	Kernel modules: i2o_core
Device:	03:01.1
Class:	I2O [0e00]
Vendor:	Adaptec (formerly DPT) [1044]
Device:	SmartRAID V Controller [a501]
SVendor:	Adaptec (formerly DPT) [1044]
SDevice:	2400A UDMA Four Channel [c05a]
Rev:	02
ProgIf:	01
Hi, in the SVN version I've added the RAID adapter category
submitted by tonicucoz, 08:13, 19 Septembre 2012
I will try to upload it to h-node.org as soon as possible
submitted by tonicucoz, 08:14, 19 Septembre 2012

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