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Illegal character in X field
submitted by lammi87, 23:00, 22 Juin 2012
SUJET: other
STATUS: opened

Hi, this is lammi87

When a user tries to insert an illegal character to some field (the model name field for example) in hardware insertation page, he is greeted with an error message; characters not allowed in the model name entry.

Can the error message be modified to inform the user what exactly is the character that cannot be used? So, when the user is using the ¤ character could the message be character "¤" not allowed in the model name entry for example? Or would it be better to just give a list of illegal characters like characters ¤ € ! & µ > < not allowed in the model name entry instead?

Some entries give the list of the allowed characters, some other simply say "characters not allowed..". This is due to the fact that I have to rewrite some parts of the classes that manage these stuff.. anyway, I will try to solve the issue as soon as possible
submitted by tonicucoz, 09:13, 23 Juin 2012
Hi tonicucoz, thanks for noticing. I'm glad I can help.
submitted by lammi87, 11:48, 23 Juin 2012

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