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add CLEVO as laptop vendor
submitted by virgolus, 07:27, 13 Janvier 2012
SUJET: add a vendor name
STATUS: closed
http://www.clevo.com.tw/en/index.asp I have a clevo w150HRM and work out of the box with linux. I want to insert a report but the vendor is not listed.
I will add the vendor as soon as possible, thanks
submitted by tonicucoz, 11:26, 13 Janvier 2012
clevo has been added as vendor name
submitted by tonicucoz, 12:19, 15 Janvier 2012
I have a Clevo laptop too, a W760TUN. It worked out of the box with Trisquel 5.5.
submitted by yeehi, 05:11, 8 Juin 2012
Hi yeehi, could you insert the information about your Clevo laptop inside the h-node database? Thanks!
submitted by tonicucoz, 08:13, 9 Juin 2012

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