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Testing 3d acceleration
by bjeff, 05:56, 26 September 2014
The information in the "Video Cards"-section is a little lean for me to understand it. I have some questions: - How do I test 3d acceleration in compiz? - Is there another way of testing 3d acceleration besides installing compiz? - Can it f.i. be tested with a 3d game like OpenArena? - Is 3d acceleration working if a 3d animation is running smoothly? Should FPS be measured? - Is rss-glx a tool for testing 2d AND 3d acceleration? I've been searching around a bit for this information, and haven't found anything particularly useful. It would be fantastic if somebody with the knowledge could update the "Video Cards"-section with a little more thorough information.
by TryHardDieHard, 18:01, 29 April 2015
Like the comment above mentioned, we really need more info on what rss-glx is and how to use it.
la tecle de fn12 tiene el wifi y no se activa
by E04769, 19:52, 30 April 2015
hola acabo de instalar linux en mi laptop hp pavilion 15 y no se activa en wifi

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