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i18n process

Here the translation team will define and explain the i18n process followed to support a new language on the h-node project and alike.


Antonio Gallo - English|Italian

Luis A. Guzmán - Spanish

Henri | Benjamin Rochefort - French

Joerg Kohne - German

Kostas Mousafiris - Greek

André Marcelo Alvarenga - Portuguese

Luis A. Guzmán - Coordinator

Web Site
Listing the pages to work the i18n of the h-node static site content.

The h-node site is developed and updated by the h-source project, h-source contains so far two main files to manage localization:

As part of the improvement to accomplish the full i18n of h-node, we have added a wiki where you can contribute on the work in progress done on the h-source i18n.

  1. languages.php - Wiki
  2. This file contains the main sentences that are the structure of the site, and allow to add new localizations of the site, and improve the current i18n on the site.

    It is contained on
h-node - devices

Every device on h-node has a description field where users can submit any detail about the device functionality. As a new feature, h-node has included language tabs.

On this tabs you can write a description or certain language, also this allows more users to get information about the device on their own language and the possibility to share it into other languages by translating it.

This is a community effort and the i18n team is invited to participate as well.

[tab lang=en]
[p]Description on English[/p]

[tab lang=es]
[p]Descripción en Español[/p]

[tab lang=it]
[p]Descrizione Italiana[/p]

[tab lang=fr]
[p]Description en Français[/p]

[tab lang=de]
[p]Beschreibung in Deutsch[/p]
h-node - wiki

The wiki translation is web based not-like the h-source one, so in order to work on i18n first there must be an article that you might wanna translate from English to another language or vice versa.

First pick a wiki page, let's say Home Page, our wiki doesn't have a translation module, therefore the new localized wiki to create will be Pagina Principale for Italian or Página Principal for Spanish, once created the new wiki the i18n begins translating the source article into the new language on the new wiki page.

Every article that is localized must end with the lang tag, to link that article to the localized one.

i.e.: The main wiki page has this lang tag to link between the English, Italian & Spanish version.

[[Pagina Principale|Italiano]]
[[Página Principal|Español]]


The h-client is the desktop client for h-node, so the i18n is handled by the PO files at the client, to ease the translation of the client here is the hclient.pot wiki where you can update the i18n for your language in case you don't use Savannah.


The translation work is done one week every three, this way the i18n work gathered on two weeks of development can be processed on another.

Even though the contributions you made will be added as soon as possible to the source, and you could follow the updates on the wiki on the main files (see above).

l10n SandBox

Ideas, suggestions

Any ideas or suggestions related to the i18n process, please write them here or contact:

the mailing lists or ark@switnet.org
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