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[p]This is the h-node.com wiki.[/p]

[h1]Future improvements of the h-node project[/h1]

[p]We are planning to implement a lot of new features in the future. Read the [[h-node timeline]] [/p]

[h1]How to contribute[/h1]

[p]You can help the h-node project in many ways[/p]

[*] by [a]http://www.h-node.com/hardware/catalogue/en|inserting[/a] the information about your hardware[/*]
[*] by inserting new help pages inside the wiki (perhaps in your language) or modifying the existing ones[/*]
[*] by writing in the mailing list in order to discuss with us about the future of h-node.com[/*]
[*] by helping in the writing of the [[h-source]] source code[/*]
[*] by writing a [[client for h-node.com]] (perhaps written in Python or C)[/*]

[h1]How to discover you hardware[/h1]

You can read [[how to discover your hardware|this page]] in order to learn how to discover your hardware. See also [a]http://www.h-node.com/help/index/en#discover-hardware|here[/a]

[h1]guidelines on how to compile a hardware device[/h1]

[p]please read this: [[guidelines on how to compile a hardware device page]][/p]

[h1]Wiki tutorial: tags[/h1]

You can read the [[wiki tutorial]] in order to learn the wiki tags. See also [a]http://www.h-node.com/help/index/en|here[/a]

[[Pagina Principale|Italiano]]
[[Página Principal|Español]]
The contents of this page are in the Public Domain. (see the CC0 page for detailed information). Anyone is free to copy, modify, publish, use, sell, or distribute the text for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, and by any means.
h-node.org is a hardware database project. It runs the h-source PHP software, version SVN-387, available under the GNU General Public (GPLv3) License.
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