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tarjeta wifi WUSB54G ver. 4
modelo: WUSB54G ver. 4(id del modelo: 42)
código VendorID:ProductID del dispositivo:
año de comercialización:
probado con:
Trisquel 4.0 Taranis
probado con el siguiente kernel libre:
¿funciona con software libre?
driver libre usado:

Do not confuse WUSB54G with WUSB54GC, both are different devices.

Put a lot of attention in the device version (Which should be Number 4). You can find out the model number and the version in the back of the device, you may have to slide out a plastic with Velcro that may be on the way.

I don't think this device is the best option if you are looking for a good wireless card, from the beginning I had performance issues, but it works good enough if it's all what you got for a while.

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