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3-G card
creado por tonicucoz, 17:42, 18 Junio 2012
Hi, it seems that this device is a 3-G card and not a wifi card.. can you please confirm that it is not a 3-G card?
3-G card
creado por cyberhawk, 01:45, 19 Junio 2012
I most likely made a mistake and it is a 3-G card. It looks like a USB-stick and connects with the internet on it's own without any other hardware. However I don't own it and have no access to it any more.
Re: 3-G card
creado por tonicucoz, 05:49, 19 Junio 2012

Ok thanks, we should change the type. Anyway the only way to do it now is by deleting it and inserting it inside the right category (I'm working to add a feature to allow users to change the type)

I will delete and insert it into the right category.


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