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Similar device tested?
creado por 9swords, 03:57, 15 Mayo 2021
there are several devices that are similar to this, named "T2U" "T3U" "T3U PRO", they seem to share a common chip (AC600), will they all work under linux-libre?
Re: Similar device tested?
creado por fishyfriend, 09:51, 15 Mayo 2021
AC600 does not refer to the chip but to the capabilities of the wifi device. See an explanation here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11ac-2013#Data_rates_and_speed The chipset for this model, Archer T2U Plus, is Realtek RTL8812AU (but see note below). If I remember correctly, some or all of those other models (T2U, T3U, T3U Pro) use other chipsets. For example, at least one version of the T3U Pro uses RTL8812BU rather than RTL8812AU. I doubt T3U Pro will work successfully with the RTL8812AU driver. Frustratingly, it seems like even products branded as the same model may be using different chipsets internally. I found one review of the Archer T2U Plus that says it uses RTL8811AU, even though the one I bought definitely has RTL8812AU. I'll update the main article to note this.

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