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video card NV34M [GeForce FX Go5200 64M] (rev a1)
model: NV34M [GeForce FX Go5200 64M] (rev a1)(model id: 141)
NVIDIA Corporation
VendorID:ProductID code of the device:
year of commercialization:
tested on:
Trisquel 4.5 Slaine
Trisquel 6.0 Toutatis
tested with the following kernel libre:
how does it work with free software?
works, but without 3D acceleration
free driver used:
  • Trisquel 4.5: I was able to play 720p videos without any freeze. I can run Compiz and GNOME-Shell but since it requires experimental DRI parts, it often crashes, as for now (Feb 2011). 3D is enough supported to play OpenArena correctly but some other games like Maniadrive or 0 A.D. are unplayable: it's really too laggy.
  • Trisquel 6.0 with linux-libre-3.12.5-gnu: 3D works in some games, but it is somewhat buggy, and in others it doesn't work at all. GNOME-Fallback crashes too much to be usable with Compiz, but is reliable when Metacity is used.
lspci -vmmk
Slot:	01:00.0
Class:	VGA compatible controller
Vendor:	NVIDIA Corporation
Device:	NV34M [GeForce FX Go5200 64M]
SVendor:	Dell
SDevice:	Device 019c
Rev:	a1
Driver:	nouveau
Module:	nouveau
Module:	nvidiafb

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