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Υπο-φορητοί υπολογιστές Galaxy SIII 4G (GT-I9305)
Μοντέλο: Galaxy SIII 4G (GT-I9305)(Κωδικός id του μοντέλου: 2188)
Υποτύπος (notebook, netbook, motherboard, tablet):
does it have a free boot firmware (BIOS,UEFI,...) ?
μπορούν να εγκατασταθούν ελεύθερα λειτοργικά συστήματα;
does the device prevent installing wifi cards not-approved by the vendor?
Έτος εμπορικής κυκλοφορίας:
Συμβατότητα με το ελεύθερο λογισμικό:
Δοκιμάσθηκε με:
Parabola GNU/Linux
Δοκιμάσθηκε με τον εξής ελεύθερο πυρήνα:
Μοντέλο της κάρτας γραφικών:
(Δεν διευκρινίσθηκε πως λειτουργεί)
Μοντέλο της κάρτας wifi:
(Δεν λειτουργεί)
Μοντέλο της webcam:
As Replicant is not an allowed distribution, I've to set the compatibility with free software to E, as Parabola cannot boot on the device that easily: The nonfree bootloader is incompatible with upstream Linux, which makes parabola impossible to boot unless you compile your own kernel or install another nonfree bootloader. The Internal WiFi also doesn't with free software. The GPU probably works nowadays, and the modem is still unsupported upstream. That device also not really supported by Replicant 6.0, as the support for the modem isn't finished and the device reboots because of that. In addition to the modem, the GPS also doesn't work, nor the WiFi, nor Bluetooth, plus there is no 3D acceleration. On Replicant >=9, we may have 3D acceleration but it's not really mandatory if most applications work fine without it.

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