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portátil SF314-510G-517A
modelo: SF314-510G-517A(id del modelo: 2210)
subtipo (computadores portátiles, netbook, tarjeta madre, tablet):
computadores portátiles
¿tiene un firmware boot (BIOS, UEFI,..) libre?
¿puede ser instalado un sistema libre?
¿el dispositivo evita la instalación de tarjetas inalámbricas no aprobadas por el distribuidor?
no especificado
año de comercialización:
compatibilidad con software libre:
probado con:
probado con el siguiente kernel libre:
modelo de tarjeta de video:
Intel Corporation UHD Graphics + Intel Corporation Device 4905 (funciona con aceleración 3D)
modelo de tarjeta de red inalámbrica:
Intel Corporation Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (no funciona)
modelo de cámara web:
Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd HD User Facing (funciona)
Marketing Name

Acer Swift3x or S3x

Boot Mode

It only supports UEFI boot. No Legacy BIOS mode. However, if you want to boot a BIOS-only system image or the Live USB/CD just can't boot, try mounting the iso image directly in a working Grub; see https://wiki.parabola.nu/GRUB2#Booting_an_ISO_Directly_From_GRUB2.

There is a bug in the UEFI firmware (version 1.04): if there are 3 or more entries in the boot order list, it's impossible to change the boot order, neither from the UEFI Setup (can't even launch it) nor from the efibootmgr software. To deal with it, just make some boot entries inactive via efibootmgr; no need to delete the boot entries or bootloader files.

Disk Driver

This laptop comes with Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) enabled by default. Without special tweaks, Guix System can't even detect the NVME SSD (as in Dec. 2020). You can turn it off via a hidden setting in the UEFI Setup. To see it, press Ctrl+s in the Main tab of the UEFI Setup.

Troubleshooting the Windows (not a recommendation of non-free software)

After turning the RST off, the stock Windows can't find boot device, as it only loads the disk driver needed on installation. If you want to keep the stock Windows, see https://help.ubuntu.com/rst/. If it still can't boot, reboot repeatedly until a new blue screen appears, where you can choose Advanced Options -> Boot in Safe Mode (or something alike) to let it load the NVME driver automatically, then reboot.

Sound Card Driver

If the sound doesn't work, try passing snd-intel-dspcfg.dsp_driver=1 as kernel parameter on boot. But then the internal mic may not work.

Video Card Driver

The discrete video card (Intel Corporation Device 4905) doesn't work. The working driver is i915 for the integrated graphics card.


Have tested it in VLC. But Cheese can't find camera.

Bluetooth Driver

No free bluetooth firmware.

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