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notebook LIFEBOOK N532
model: LIFEBOOK N532(model id: 1039)
subtype (notebook, netbook, motherboard, tablet):
does it have a free boot firmware (BIOS,UEFI,...) ?
can free operating systems be installed?
does the device prevent installing wifi cards not-approved by the vendor?
year of commercialization:
compatibility with free software:
tested on:
Trisquel 5.5 Brigantia
tested with the following kernel libre:
video card model:
(not specified how it works)
wifi model:
(not specified how it works)
webcam model:
(not specified how it works)

This laptop is a real pain. Firstly, it was really difficult to configure the BIOS setting to allow booting from CD/DVD drive or from my USB pendrive. Just setting the boot order was not enough. I had to create a booting password so that I could set the "secure boot" functionality off and then I had to enable some kind of non-obvious legacy BIOS setting option and then I could finally boot. Secondly, the booting just wouldn't finish. I tried to boot from a live CD and from by pendrive but the boot just hanged and wouldn't finish.

I can stand for Trisquel 5.5 being incompatible since it can be improved over time, but the fact that the BIOS manufacturer obviously makes it hard for me even to try to boot makes me angry. For now, avoid this laptop.

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