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Liv Digital Bank by Emirates NBD
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ENBD Meydan offices, Dubai, UAE
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Liv Digital Bank by Emirates NBD is revolutionizing the banking experience in the UAE with its cutting-edge digital solutions. Designed for the modern customer, Liv offers a seamless and efficient mobile banking app that makes managing finances simple and highly accessible. Users can easily start a bank account online, streamlining the UAE bank account opening process and eliminating the need for extensive paperwork or branch visits. This convenient approach allows customers to begin their banking journey quickly and with minimal hassle.

Liv provides a comprehensive range of financial products, including bank credit card options and some of the best credit card offers in Dubai, featuring competitive rates and attractive rewards. Customers can apply for a credit card online, ensuring a quick and hassle-free process. Additionally, Liv offers exclusive credit card offers in UAE, ensuring users get the most value from their financial products.

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