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I have stuff on github and sourceforge. I'm not particularly trained so I am shy about submitting on other people's projects very often, but I do what I am comfortable with and teach myself to make the things I want.
My description:
I'm 25 and I've been using GNU/Linux for almost as long as I have been using a computer. I've also used Windows and OSX, and I have an Android phone, but all my home desktops and laptops run my own Free Software Only Ubuntu remaster. I'm very autodidactic, I have taken only a handful of formal computer courses but I have managed to teach myself a great deal about computer programming and computer science. I use Python, Lua, C++, and Java in most of my applications, but have ventured into many other languages as they became the best tools for a task and so, like everyone else on the planet, am also fluent in PHP. My first language was qBasic on an machine that was ancient when I was 9 and found it in my grandparents basement for the first time. Apparently it once belonged to the High School but had been replaced and Grandpa, the shop teacher, got to take it home.

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