Neither of the "platinum" devices are compatible with Free Software
submitted by kreyren, 18:35, 15 Ιανουάριος 2022
ΘΕΜΑ: other
All of the devices that I can see in the "platinum" category are proprietary as their manufacturer is not providing ECAD files (e.g. for KiCAD) and models for the chasis that harm user freedom, security and privacy. As such I demand sufficient action taken on the subject e.g: a) demoting all of them in Gold and keep platinum only for the fully libre hardware b) creating a new category for fully libre hardware
Please understand that the "platinum" category only means that it works with blob-less distros without any major feature missing. If you want schematics, yeah, that will be nice. But NO.

Company won't give you their product schematics just for some Freedom bluff. And take a good look at Purism, they make freedom by building it from scratch. And not even Purism published their schematics for reasons, why? You sure know that schematics brings freedom, but this will also allow copycats to kill Purism's business.

So if you want schematics, well, be a superhero and hack into HP or Dell, bring the schematics and expose it on Tor, or start drawing your first board.
submitted by 9swords, 21:52, 26 Νοέμβριος 2022

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