Adding new entries from lspci -vmmnn is super hard
submitted by svetlana, 00:06, 12 Ιανουάριος 2017
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1. open 2. paste lspci -vmmnn , click submit 3. see list, at the end it says 2 items are not recognised, offers to insert 4. click the 'insert' link expected: 1. it shows a form which has details pre-filled in from lspci -vmmnn , but driver software info is missing 2. it instructs me to complete that info or mark it to be completed by another volunteer actual output: 1. it opens " correct type of hardware here>/catalogue/en" , for example "" for my wifi chip, and i have to manually find how to add the item. this is inconvenient
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submitted by Kalvinmicheal55, 03:56, 1 Ιούλιος 2017
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