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submitted by Ark74, 10:01, 29 Noviembre 2011
ESTADO: closed

We already have an identi.ca group and account, so we can tell about the project on 140 characters, but i was wondering if getting into the social networks would be a good idea, so i'm thinking about creating a diaspora account.

Does the project needs something like that?
I don't know, there are a lot of things to be finished, we have very little time and many tasks..
submitted by tonicucoz, 10:22, 30 Noviembre 2011
Anyone: The only webpage that this (h-node) would apply to would be www.buzznet.com -as this can be updated and verified F.O.C. ; as and when required >140 char's. Word of Note: Don't give your Real birthday, Instead put a b-day between May 21 to June 20. You can check out my homepage at: buzznet.com :: Note the Zodiac sign. Don't know if you, notice anything different (see& Post if a dead-Link) ??
submitted by trisqueldotim, 12:24, 17 Diciembre 2011
Looks like h-node has a Diaspora account.
submitted by greenman, 11:44, 17 Julio 2016
It's not an issue specific to boot firmware. We have separate entries for T60 with Intel or ATI graphics which affects also e.g. support for 3d acceleration. unblocked games
submitted by edwardsanchez, 03:49, 21 Septiembre 2018

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