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Add Ovislink for Wifi section
submitted by lluvia, 15:03, 12 Mayo 2011
ARGUMENTO: add a vendor name
ESTADO: closed
I have a PCI internal adapter which vendor name is Ovislink. Please, add it.
The Ovislink vendor is already in the list of vendors. Have you selected the PCI interface? Can you please write here your vendorid code?
submitted by tonicucoz, 17:55, 12 Mayo 2011
I got confused. Sorry for the false issue. I don't know when I'll have access to a machine (I only have laptops now) which I can use for obtain that info, but if you want you can close the issue and when I had the info I'll send it to the mailing list and I also will complete it entry in h-node.
submitted by lluvia, 13:15, 13 Mayo 2011
Don't worry, you can insert the device once you have access to the machine :)
submitted by tonicucoz, 06:13, 15 Mayo 2011

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