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submitted by pizzaiolo, 09:25, 19 Agosto 2015
ARGUMENTO: add a vendor name
ESTADO: opened
Please add GNU/Hurd distros such as Debian and Arch.
I don't think adding GNU/Hurd makes sense here. It's quite likely some hardware will work with another distribution, but not work on GNU/Hurd, and this will confuse people looking at the results. Without a large rewrite of the structure/interface, it will be easier to have a separate h-source installation focused on GNU/Hurd.
submitted by greenman, 19:36, 24 Julio 2016
We'd also need some FSDG distribution or debian to support HURD. Once this is done it could make sense to also add it as the hardware would be guaranteed to work with free software and HURD. Though we probably need to find a way to make it clear that GuiX HURD is not the standard GuiX. Maybe it could just be recorded as a different kernel / kernel version.
submitted by GNUtoo, 12:15, 26 Junio 2020

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