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Allow testing on Trisquel 11
submitted by Roman, 04:56, 1 July 2023
TOPIC: maybe a bug
STATUS: opened
Please add "Trisquel 11.0 Aramo" trisquel_11_0 to the list of the allowed options in the form for adding new hardware.
Can you pls set it to high priority?
submitted by DavidHedlund, 11:59, 1 July 2023
+1 (same request).
submitted by dadu33, 09:12, 4 November 2023
Could you please make this a top priority?
submitted by herringbur, 03:54, 18 March 2024
same request, can't find Trisquel 11 on the list
submitted by ihsan, 03:14, 7 June 2024
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submitted by robinwayne, 04:55, 8 July 2024
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submitted by robinwayne, 04:57, 8 July 2024

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