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Outdated link for Parabola in the useful links section
submitted by UltrasonicMadness, 12:50, 22 July 2022
TOPIC: maybe a bug
STATUS: closed
PRIORITY: medium
The link for Parabola GNU/Linux leads to what I assume is a former URL for the project, parabolagnulinux.org. It's current home is parabola.nu. I checked the other URLs and they all seem fine.

Ack. Will fix it asap.

Alternatively patches (mail to h-source-users@nongnu.org) are welcome - this should be a simple fix.

submitted by ycp, 22:16, 23 July 2022
I tried to send it using git send-email. I've never used Git over email before and I spent hours trying to get it to work - it kept giving me an error message about it being unable to start SMTP so I sent the generated file via Claws Mail which changed the headers a bit.
submitted by UltrasonicMadness, 18:04, 24 July 2022

Thanks for trying and sorry that it took you hours trying to get it to work. Sending the generated patch file is OK. Which address did you send? Is it the mailing list h-source-users@nongnu.org? It is not in the archive though: <https://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/h-source-users/2022-07/threads.html>.

Alternatively you can also send it to me and I can send it to the mailing list on your behalf.

submitted by ycp, 18:51, 24 July 2022

UltrasonicMadness: my email address is <h-node@ypei.me>.

submitted by ycp, 18:53, 24 July 2022
The patch is applied. Closing.
submitted by ycp, 05:08, 25 July 2022
I've got git send-email working for next time :) I made a minor mistake on a config file - fixed it and it works like a dream now.
submitted by UltrasonicMadness, 18:42, 25 July 2022

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