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submitted by coriordan, 18:24, 1 October 2013
TOPIC: add a vendor name
STATUS: opened

I sent the below comment to the mailing list. Then I read that suggestions should be sent here. Sorry for the duplicate. Here's the mailing list thread:


I recently used the site for the first time and I think it could be much easier and faster. I'm assuming that people come to h-node to check if a piece of hardware works with free software or not.

They have a model number and they want to search: so there should be a big search box right there on the home page.

The "category" drop down box should be noted as optional. A lot of the time, it's not really necessary.

For example, if I want info on the HP printer, model p1102, I should be able to type just "p1102" into the search box on the front page. If there's a video card and a motherboard that also have that model number, then I'll see three results:

  • p1102 - printer --- HP LaserJet --- DOESNT WORK WITH FREE SOFTWARE
  • p1102 - video card --- NVtech --- Works with free software
  • p1102 - motherboard --- BlaCOM --- Works with free software

So, starting at h-node.org, getting the crucial info (it works or it doesn't) should only require typing the model number and hitting return. Then if I want more details, I can click on the printer and see that device's page.

So my three main suggestions are:

  1. A search box on the home page
  2. The search results page should say if the device works/not/partially
  3. Top of device page should have a big red warning if it doesn't work: "DOESNT WORK WITH FREE SOFTWARE - DO NOT BUY!"

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