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scanner entries
submitted by tonicucoz, 14:58, 5 September 2010
TOPIC: new categories of hardware
STATUS: closed

Scanners will be soon added to the h-node database. The entries should be chosen. I propose the same entries used for printers (listed below)

  1. vendor
  2. model name
  3. vendorid:productid code
  4. year of commercialization
  5. interface (USB,..)
  6. distribution
  7. compatibility level (full, partial, none)
  8. kernel libre version
  9. driver used
  10. description

Any comment or suggestion?

What happens with the devices that are printers and scanners (and maybe more things) at the same time? I think they are called multi-functions.
submitted by lluvia, 19:06, 5 September 2010

Multi-function office devices are usually printers that incorporate a scanner and/or a fax (that is they are "mainly" printers). For example in the Epson website printers and multifunction are stored under the voice: "printers and multifunction" (at least in the italian website). The same for the Canon website. I think that we could insert these devices in the printers category (perhaps one can specify inside the description entry if the device incorporate other features). We could also add a select entry to let the user specify if the device is multifunction or not (and eventually rename the category "printers and multifunction")

But.. we could also create a new category called multifunction.

What do you think?

submitted by tonicucoz, 02:45, 6 September 2010

I just discovered that the word "eventually" does not mean (in English) what I thought it would mean. So please replace "eventually" with "in case"..

And thanks for you question! :)

submitted by tonicucoz, 05:27, 7 September 2010

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