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add more filters to help people easily buy new laptops via h-node
submitted by praveen, 02:35, 14 November 2014
Thema: other
Stand: opened
Priorität: medium
Currently our focus has been about adding new hardware which people already have. I think it is time to focus our energies to use h-node as a platform where people who want to buy new hardware look for 100% Free Software compatibility. Many laptops are not available in every country or they easily go out of market. So availability of a laptop for purchasing is an important criteria. Also people have budget limitations for buying new laptops, so if they can easily find compatible models fitting their budget it would be nice. So I suggest we add the following options, Price Level: entry, mid range, high end, gaming Availability: Country, Not in Market Also it would be a good idea to link directly to online stores for people want to buy. We may even use the referral money to run the service.
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