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Add H-source to the Download section
submitted by lammi87, 16:43, 11 March 2013
Thema: other
Stand: opened
Priorität: low

Shouldn't h-node's source code be downloadable from the download section instead from the right hand side panel?

We could add an entry after the database files like this:


H-source is the PHP software used to create h-node.org. You can download it here (link). Please, see additional information about h-source from its wiki page (link).

I don't know because h-source and h-node.com are in some way separated and in the right link we can also add info about h-client and h-admin...
submitted by tonicucoz, 13:41, 12 March 2013
How about if we add everything downloadable to the download page and make separate entries for them like above? Everything in one place. What do you think?
submitted by lammi87, 17:26, 12 March 2013

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h-node.org is a hardware database project. It runs the h-source PHP software, version SVN-387, available under the GNU General Public (GPLv3) License.
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