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3D printers
submitted by lammi87, 06:46, 18 October 2012
Thema: new categories of hardware
Stand: opened
Priorität: high

I think we should add 3D printers as a new hardware category. I know there is at least one 3D printer that should be clearly A-Platinum when it comes to compatibility: LulzBot AO-100 3D printer. It is the first device to receive the Respect Your Freedom certification from the FSF.

I don't have a 3D printer and I have never used one, so I don't know if we can use the inkjet/lazer printer's form as a base for them. Do we need to add some additional entries like; Does the printer work with free software file formats?

I don't have a 3d printer too. We could add a subtype: inkjet,laser, 3d printer. Perhaps it needs a new category.
submitted by tonicucoz, 18:12, 20 October 2012
Yeah, maybe a new category is better than just a subtype since 3D printing is different than 2D.
submitted by lammi87, 03:41, 22 October 2012

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