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model name
creato da tonicucoz, 04:53, 5 marzo 2011
Hi Ark74, isn't there any other string on the model name, something like RTL xxx x/x? :)
model name
creato da tonicucoz, 05:01, 5 marzo 2011
or something like: Trendnet TEW-6xx (I don't know, I have watched inside the Trendnet website ;) )
No box
creato da Ark74, 14:17, 5 marzo 2011
Sorry, i didn't have the box available so i had to look for the model on the web. Model updated :)
Doesn't work
creato da ahinki, 09:06, 20 ottobre 2011
I try TEW-424UB (v2) on TRISQUEL 5.0 -> doesn't work
creato da Ark74, 09:54, 20 ottobre 2011

This card comes from a Realtek vendor, the ENUWI-G has a SiS vendor, maybe the revision 2 changed that


I will check on the next week that i'll get off work. Stay tuned.

same vendorid:productid code
creato da tonicucoz, 12:44, 20 ottobre 2011

Do they have the same productid:vendorid code? You can check it by means of lsusb.

Do you have written, inside the model entry, the name given by the lsusb command or the name written on the device itself?

Inside the model name entry please write the name given by lsusb and then add the device name, written on the device, inside the other name entry. The device name could be equal while the name listed by lsusb should be different.

same vendorid:productid code than Encore ENUWI-G
creato da ahinki, 11:56, 30 ottobre 2011
I returned the adaptor TEW-424UB (v2) but when I do lsusb the vendor and product id was : 0457:0163 , the same of Encore ENUWI-G.
possible problem
creato da tonicucoz, 03:06, 31 ottobre 2011

Ok then you don't have to insert your device inside this page, use the TEW-424UB (v2) page

creato da tonicucoz, 03:07, 31 ottobre 2011
Sorry, I've seen you have already done it (insert your device inside the TEW-424UB (v2) page)
model name,other names
creato da tonicucoz, 03:18, 31 ottobre 2011

@Ark74: can you please insert the lsusb name inside the "model name" entry and the current name inside the "other names" entry? We have two devices (this one and the TEW-424UB (v2)) that should be two revisions of the same card. The names given by lsusb (the one written inside the "model name" entry) should be different (a v2 is usually added) while the name of the cards (the one written inside the "other names" entry) should be the same.

What I thing should be written (please correct me if I'm getting wrong:)

  • model name: Encore ENUWI-G (or what given by lsusb, with the revision number)
  • other names: TRENDnet TEW-424UB (or what written upon the device)
Name updated
creato da Ark74, 00:20, 2 novembre 2011
All the information available on the device is now at the page, the model name is now the lsusb one. Cheers
creato da tonicucoz, 07:10, 2 novembre 2011
lspci output
creato da lammi87, 08:29, 22 luglio 2012


Thanks for your contribution. Can you please add the output from lspci -vmmnn and lspci -nnk to the description like in this page. It would be most usefull.

Happy hacking!

Re: lspci otuput
creato da nullcat, 13:43, 22 luglio 2012
@lammi87, I wasn't sure if you were directing your message to me. lspci will not show this device since it is USB.
Re: lspci otuput
creato da lammi87, 01:25, 23 luglio 2012
@nullcat. Yes, I sent it to you but I messed up. Sorry. I ment lsusb -v naturally.

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