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specify the kernel version
creado por tonicucoz, 23:59, 25 Enero 2011
jvillalba, thanks for the new video card inserted. Can you please specify the kernel version inside the kernel entry? Thanks!
creado por jvillalba, 00:12, 26 Enero 2011
Using Fedora with Linux Kernel Free But I already tried the distributions indicated and it works great. Operating since 2.6.28 to the current kernel
problem with brightness
creado por lluvia, 12:16, 24 Marzo 2013
Hello, I remember that my computer Acer Aspire 5736Z was working perfect with this videocard with some old trisquel version. However, at Trisquel 5.5 and 6 appeared a problem which left the screen black. nomodeset kernel parameter was leaving the computer usable, but aspect relation was erroneous and it was a pain to watch the screen. Today I found a solution. Use the parameter "acpi_osi=" and just press brightness buttons and the light was returned, and now I can use the computer very comfortably and having 3D acceleration.
creado por lammi87, 11:02, 25 Marzo 2013
Hi lluvia. Could you add your fix for brightness in the description section of this graphic card and your laptop's page too?
RE: Brightness
creado por lluvia, 06:08, 5 Abril 2013
RE: Brightness
creado por lammi87, 15:15, 5 Abril 2013

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