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impressoras Kyocera ECOSYS M2530DN
Modelo: Kyocera ECOSYS M2530DN(ID do modelo: 1823)
subtipo (laser, inkjet, ..):
código VendorID:ProductID do dispositivo:
ano de comercialização:
não especificado
não especificado
testado com:
Parabola GNU/Linux
testado com o seguinte kernel livre:
compatibilidade com software livre:
Ela adota alguma técnica para controlar usuários?
não especificado
driver livre utilizado:
FS-1135MFP - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.11 Simplified
Multifunction printer. Claims to support postscript, pcl and direct pdf printing. Attempts to lpr postscript &c into raw queue resulted in printing postscript code as-is. Understands some PCL (might be everything else needs proprietary filter to switch mode?). With the gutenberg driver for fs-1135mfp (gutenprint/5.2/Global/stp-kyocera-fs-1135mfp.5.2.sim.ppd.gz) (picked at random) has some problems with getting into standby mode (wakes 1-2 times in a row). Anyway, it does print, does duplex and stuff. Checked only usb. Scanning doesn't seem to be working (not that i really tried anything). TODO: check networking, file sharing &c

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