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Please add "Uninterruptible Power Supply" as a hardware category
submitted by rsandu, 19:04, 18 Setembro 2012
TÓPICO: new categories of hardware
STATUS: opened
Please add "Uninterruptible Power Supply" as a hardware category for USB UPSes.
Isn't it an external, independent, device? Are there any models that require that the OS does something in order to work?
submitted by tonicucoz, 07:53, 23 Setembro 2012
http://apcupsd.sourceforge.net/ supports some UPSes (not only USB), they provide power use information and notify the system when external power fails (useful e.g. to safely shutdown the system). This isn't required, although could be useful for someone choosing an UPS.
submitted by mtjm, 14:57, 25 Setembro 2012
Hello ! Some UPSes are "seen" by the system, some do not, so sharing information about them would be useful...
submitted by rsandu, 03:44, 27 Setembro 2012

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