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Better links when inserting new hardware
submitted by lammi87, 22:40, 22 Junho 2012
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Hi, this is lammi87

When users compare their hardware to the database's catalog with lsusb -vmmnn, the results are presented to them as blue and yellow windows with some data about their hardware. The yellow windows are about the hardware that are not found in the database and should be added.

The yellow window contains a link "insert" which takes the user to the hardwares' category page. For example, if the device is a webcamera, the links takes the user to the webcameras' category page (here) where the user needs to click another link ("new") if he wants to add his camera to the database.

Would it be better if the "insert" link in the yellow window would take the user directly to the corresponding hardware's insertation page (here) instead of the corresponding category page?


You are right, it would be better. I will try to solve the issue in the next days (the problem is time :) )

Thanks for the suggestion

submitted by tonicucoz, 09:14, 23 Junho 2012
Hi tonicucoz, thanks for noticing. I'm glad I can help.
submitted by lammi87, 11:48, 23 Junho 2012
I just found the same issue when trying to add 10 devices that are not registered in the database. Using the current insertion work-flow, it would take me about 5 hours to add them all (30 minutes per device). And this is if I don't make mistakes while filling the fields. So, as lammi87 says, it would be great if the insert link on the yellow boxes takes you to the insertion form directly. And I would suggest to use the information already available in those yellow boxes to automatically fill some of the fields in the form. Thanks,
submitted by felipelopez, 14:04, 13 Fevereiro 2013

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