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wifi vendors contain realtek 3 times
submitted by lembas, 09:27, 15 Marzo 2013
ARGUMENTO: maybe a bug
ESTADO: opened
as realtek realtek co and realtek corporation :)
Yes, because the vendors are taken from pci.ids and usb.ids and they have written Realtek in different "formats". I have to update the vendors' list. Anyway, the vendor inside a device page is update only if that page is updated (taking the new name from the vendors' list by means of the vendorid inserted)
submitted by tonicucoz, 12:33, 17 Marzo 2013
OK. I notice that in videocard vendors we have AMD/ATI 3 times and intel, nvidia, matrox and sis 2 times. In printers, lexmark and samsung 2x. In soundcards, amd and c-media 2x. Didn't check others for now.
submitted by lembas, 04:50, 19 Marzo 2013

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