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submitted by lluvia, 11:17, 26 February 2012
TOPIC: other
STATUS: opened
I'd like seeing an specific channel for asking information about hardware compatibility with free software. I think that something like (preferably shorter) #hardware-working-with-only-free-software is worse, because it could generate polemic with those people which accept non-free drivers as an answer. Also, probably inside this community, there are people who have a privileged general view of the state of devices working with free software (in contrast to that user that only know the state of the device that he uploaded to the database), but at any case I'm sure that those people which care free software would be happy of participating (answering at a IRC channel or helping to document) at h-node with this finality. Maybe h-node is not dealing with every hardware yet, such as mobile phones, but I think that associating h-node name to "hardware working with free software" is a good idea, since I don't know a better centralized project for it.

We already have mailing lists on both, Spanish and English, also some presence on identi.ca (!hnode|#hnode) and i've been trying to set a space on Diaspora* (#h-node).

The main problem is that basically we are missing of manpower, so having an empty IRC channel would be more than helpful, self-defeating.

I'm very well aware that we need to get into communication with the community, we need to speed things up between questions and answers.

Would the IRC Channel be that step?
submitted by Ark74, 12:53, 26 February 2012
+1 on having an IRC channel. A lot of things happen on Freenode and OFTC and having a presence there could be useful to keep the project alive.
submitted by federico3, 11:30, 26 December 2014

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