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Login Bug on h-client
submitted by libre, 04:58, 20 July 2016
Thema: maybe a bug
Stand: closed
Priorität: high
h-client doesn't login on GNU Parabola OS.
Thanks, there've been a few h-client reports, but haven't got around to looking at h-client at all yet.
submitted by greenman, 15:50, 21 July 2016
It was solved in Parabola. Modify Client('h-node.org') to Client('https://h-node.org') in hclient/gtkclient.py or modify Server URL in Preferences.
submitted by ovruni, 21:47, 23 July 2016
Thanks, I have added this to the wiki documentation.
submitted by greenman, 12:16, 24 July 2016

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